Michele Novotni,


What is stopping you from reaching your potential?

What if it wasn't?

Open the door to possibilities.

If opportunity doesn't knock,
build a door.
Milton Berle (1908 - 2002)

Coaching provides individual support in person or by phone to help you stay on track, define and attain your goals. Coaching is an empowering, collaborative process that supports you in improving your performance and reaching your goals through the process of gaining knowledge, and developing strategies, structures, and supports.

Coaching generally involves:

Areas for Impacting Change

Are you technically proficient, but have a few behaviors that are not supporting your success? Coaching will help you create a shift in performance and/or behavior.

Coaching can focus on a variety of targeted areas including:

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Procrastination
  3. Explore new/different techniques for managing time and priorities
  4. Organization
  5. Life balance
  6. Academic success
  7. Parenting skills
  8. Identify and explore avenues of professional growth


Coaching builds on your strengths.

The Coaching Partnership and Process

Coaching is a fusion of both the relationship and the process.

Coaching involves in-depth questions, brainstorming and what-if-ing, which leads you to an increased awareness of your current choices and the impact of these choices on yourself, others, or your business affiliations. You make informed decisions regarding adjustments that will lead to your success.

Plans and strategies are discussed, re-evaluated and adjusted as needed. In this "walk along side of" type of relationship, you bring your understanding and observations of yourself and your life experiences. I bring my professional expertise in the area of understanding behavior and impacting behavior change into the process. It is a collaborative process that supports you in the attainment of your goals.

Coaching can be done in-person, by web-cam, and/or by phone.


Individual Coaching with Michele Novotni:
FIRST three months $1200. per month

AFTER three months fees range from $500$900. per month based on amount of support desired

Business Coaching: Requires a three month commitment for $3600. (total)

Coaching with an associate ranges from $500-$900 per month.

Please contact me about individual coaching.

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