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Upcoming Group Therapy and Telegroups

Cost $650 per person. Payment due in full prior to the start of group.

(Please note: in-person group participation in group therapy is generally reimbursable by your insurance company)

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Succeeding as an Adult with AD/HD
Cost for this 10 week course: $650.
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Improving Your Social IQ
Cost for each 10 week course: $650.

Separate Sessions:
For Children       For Teens       For Adults

Parenting High Maintenance Children
Cost for this 10 week course: $650.
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We look forward to helping you open the doors to your possibilities.
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The phone number and a special PIN for telegroups will be provided when you sign up. You simply call in at the appointed time from your home or office. You'll be responsible for your own long distance charges.

The following groups are forming now:

Adult AD/HD group

Often adults with AD/HD feel alone, stuck or ashamed of the difficulties they are experiencing. Other people don't seem to understand and often don't provide the needed information or support. This group is designed to help adults with AD/HD develop personalized strategies, structures and supports to effectively manage AD/HD at home, at work and in relationships. Most important, the group is designed to provide hope and inspiration to identify individual strengths and the confidence to move forward for folks who don't always color in the lines.

Now isn't that worth a few nights of your time???

Classes starting in October. Sign up here to get notification about dates.

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